Traditional Fixed Annuities

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The two basic types of Annuities that we offer are: Traditional Fixed and Fixed Index.

A Traditional Fixed Annuity offers a fixed interest rate, guaranteed for a specific period of time. This type of annuity guarantees that your principal will never go below a specific percentage.

Focusing on the need for an Annuity will help you determine if a Traditional Fixed Annuity is right for you.

It's important that you take the steps necessary to obtain the information you need and determine if an Annuity is right for you.

Some common needs for a Traditional Fixed Annuity are:

  • Supplemental Income
  • Tax Deferred Growth
  • Estate Preservation
  • Cash Value Accumulation
  • Tax Deductions
  • College Funding
  • Funeral Expenses

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Information and Questions

Here are some questions and things to think about when it comes to Fixed Annuities

Inflations Impact on Retirement Income.

How Fixed Annuities are Taxed.

When/How to Access Fixed Annuity Income.

How to Maximize Pension Benefits.

How Fixed Annuities Function.

Spouse's Income Effect on Your Retirement.

What age am I going to retire?

How much income will I need?

When should I consider a Fixed Annuity?

How much should I be saving for my Retirement?

What types of Fixed Annuities are available for me?

How can Fixed Annuities help me save for my retirement?

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