Stage 1 - Just Starting College Funding Planning

Just Starting College Funding Planning

In this stage of the College Funding Planning process, time is often your biggest asset. Focusing on the planning process, rather than the amount needed to save, is a great way to get started. Some common issues addressed in this stage are:

  • Process Review
  • Needs Analysis
  • Asset Assessment
  • Goals Evaluation
  • Plan Establishment

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Information and Questions

Here are some questions and things to think about when it comes to Fixed Annuities

Inflations Impact on Retirement Income.

What assets are taxable

When/How to Access Financial Aid.

How to Maximize Financial Aid.

What College Funding Options are Available.

How College Funding will Imapact Retirement Income.

When am I going to fund a college education?

What are the future costs of college?

What assets will/do I have?

How much should I be saving for College Funding?

What College Funding Plans are available to me?

Why should I be saving for College?

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