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Retirement Planning: Approaching Retirement

Approaching Retirement can be an exciting, and sometimes stressful stage in the planning process. We find that most of our clients have many questions and concerns in this stage, such as:

  • Can I retire at my desired age?
  • Have I saved enough?
  • How long will my money last?
  • When/How do I file for my Pension and/or Social Security benefits?
  • How do I maximize my Pension or Social Secruity benefits?
  • Which assets are taxble?
  • Will I need Long Term Care?

Getting answers to these questions prior to retirement can make a beneficial impact on reaching your objectives. Gain knowledge by using these calculators:

Social SecurityCal




To get answers to additional questions and receive helpful planning tips, speak with us about our initial no pressure process. We will provide you with our:

  • In-depth Process Review
  • Personalized Needs Analysis
  • Goals Reassessment
  • Individualized Plan Review
  • Planning Maximization Recommendations

 Click Here to Learn More About the Approaching Retirement stage of the Retirement Planning Process.